Using End-of-Life Counseling to scare people

When I want to make myself crazy, I watch Fox-news to absorb the distortions.

Asking people what THEY want to do with their life if they lose consciousness is a GOOD thing.

I witnessed the most extreme distortion of the excellent plan to ask seniors about their plans.

Here are the choices for the motivation for this misrepresentation of a VERY good idea

1. They are purposely manipulating events to look like the Veteran’s hospital wants to kick people out of care.

2. They truly are stupid and they do NOT understand

The previous election left a lot of angry people. Remember that in the United States over 30% of people thought the Iraq war was a GOOD idea even after it was proven that there were no weapons of mass destruction.

Now we see a very good plan to ask people what THEY want for themselves. The excellent title ‘YOUR life, YOUR choice” has been misrepresented as some evil plot to throw Grandpa into a microwave oven.

Write in to you elected representative and tell them it okay to ask about end of life care.

Boycott the sponsors of Fox news.


One Response to “Using End-of-Life Counseling to scare people”

  1. Bartek Koczenasz Says:

    So good.
    To me… the amount of watched soap operas can briefly show to what level
    people care about-concentrate on their own lifes
    I am looking forward to seeing you in Cracow.
    Bartek Koczenasz

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