“But medicare isn’t run by the government” Said the Doctor

A woman walks up to me on the break in class a few minutes ago. “I know you want healthcare reform, but you don’t want a system run by the government AND a private system do you?”

“That’t what we have now” I respond.

“No we don’t”

“Yes, it’s called medicare. It works pretty well and so do the veteran’s hospitals”

“But medicare isn’t run by the government” says the doctor.

Wow!! The next time you go crazy because the general public does not understand things, now you realized how widespread the ignorance is.

Again, we will not have a Great Civilization unless we take care of EVERYONE as a right, not a privilege.



5 Responses to ““But medicare isn’t run by the government” Said the Doctor”

  1. jasgarcio Says:

    It is unfortunate!Even those who practice medicine do not really know how the system works.Its just not with one or two doctors, but a whole bunch of people who are trained every year also face the same problem. Many of us are taught to study,think & work like machines. The capacity to express oneself, feel sensibly others pain & to know how our patient’s (especially the weaker ones) pay for their medical expenses need to be taught as part of the curriculum. Many of us still think that the healthcare reform is going to be the worst possible thing that can happen to doctor’s incomes. It is unfortunate and sad to see even the so called intelligent doctors think this way. If we open our minds,remove the blinders we have and look around us everyday we will see how fortunate we are than many others. If that is the case, why don’t we show a little more compassion towards the less fortunate ones & a little more interest in knowing how our own brothers and sisters are trying to cover their medical expenses. Dr.Fischer, I personally appreciate all the work and effort you have been doing to spread this message across. We all see you running around doing things, spending the money & time trying to get this message across to millions. Media and books help a lot in spreading the doctrine. Keep going and good luck.


  2. lilionchin Says:

    so this is what you do during the breaks ah? twit and blog…

    i guess you could use this: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. ~Attributed to both Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok

  3. Megan Says:

    What are your thoughts on Physicians for a National Health Program and the Commonwealth Fund?

  4. RAEB Says:

    Conrad, you’re welcome to live in Canada anytime 😉 of course, if only I weren’t a med student and had something concrete to offer. . . .

    Seriously, I admire your dedication and unwavering compass. We’re rooting for you guys up here to come up with something decent that works for you – and the admittance that health is a universal right.

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