Do NOT spare yourself at this time! Keep working!

Many many of you are finishing your preparations for step 2. I know you are tired,but NOW is not the time to spare yourself!

You will retain what you study, you will get what you desire.

Most of all, our way is a way of sacrifice and baring pain in order to relieve the pain of others. When you study now, when you want to stop and rest, do NOT rest! Each moment of pain you experience is consciously undertaken in an attempt to improve yourself so you are skilled to take care of others.

When you take on this pain, you are helping to dispel the suffering of the world.



5 Responses to “Do NOT spare yourself at this time! Keep working!”

  1. Bushra Says:

    Thank you Dr.Fischer. your encouraging words give us hope to keep going on.

  2. danijela Says:

    thank you for encouragement and motivation, thank you for all your efforts in improving things in medical field

  3. Susa Popeludo Says:

    Hi Dr. Fischer, do you think the CME Credits are something valuable as an IMG for my curriculum when I apply for the programs?

  4. Jean paul Says:

    Thank you so much for those words. I just started my kaplan live lectures today for step 1, but i was also having a bad day and this is exactly what i needed to hear. God bless u Dr

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