Compassion: Building a Noble civilization

The issue of healthcare reform must be framed as one of asking “What is the nature of the civilization in which we wish to live?”

Is it true that if we lift up ‘the bottom” of the society that EVERYONE moves up? My impression is that this is true. I am deeply disturbed by those viewing the healthcare reform debate as one of economics.

The point is compassion. We will not, in this country , have to choose between a new pair of shoes for our children and the healthcare of ourselves. We do not diminish our own level of healthcare by making sure others have theirs.  
That is an incorrect fear. 

What will we choose? Fear of our own loss? or the reality of another person’s injury?  Will you allow a group of people hysterical with the panicked fear of an imaginary injury to kick people out of the lifeboat that has room enough for all?

Many are terrified of their not being ‘enough’ for everyone. I am writing to assure you that there is, indeed, ‘enough’ for everyone to be covered, and to be covered well. Will you, in good conscience, tell someone ‘You don’t DESERVE to have your coverage payed for?”

We are giving $4,500 for new cars just to stimulate sales. $4,500 is enough almost to cover one person’s insurance for a year.

How about a ‘Cash for people” program? Are you proud to tell people that you live in a country where supplementing payment for a new car is an EASY and POPULAR societal goal, but making sure someone does not die from undetected colon cancer or go blind from untreated diabetes is NOT a goal?

I am embarrassed by the smallness and meanness of things that people have said.

We are trying to make sure people are protected from injury, illness treated  and death prevented.

How is it that we are allowing this debate to be characterized by voices of hatred, outright hatred of simple sick people?

I believe it is our duty to stand up for those less fortunate than ourselves and to take care of them.

In a civilization you can be proud of, even those considered ‘undeserving’ have to be taken care of.   If commerce is our highest goal, then let us eliminate all charities, all generosity. Let us introduce a bill to ban kindness. Does kindness generate income?

then, let us elimate Art, Music and the study of history and theology, unless they can be made self-sufficient economically.

We have a duty to take care of sick people even if some people think they don’t “deserve it”.

Our greatness, our Nobility as individuals is enlarged simply because it is NOT a matter of profit to take care of them.  Let us  grow the large heart of a society that we wish to be Noble.



One Response to “Compassion: Building a Noble civilization”

  1. jasgarcio Says:

    eliminating Art, Music and the study of history and theology would be more like wiping a civilization out… the very BASE on which a culture & heritage stand!! Let’s hope, pray & promise a better world for our children…

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