Personal Statement: Final point-How to make a good one

Okay Dr. Fischer, You have badmouthed all the crappy personal statements, now,  what would you actually do to make a good one?

1. What are your core values?

2. What do you REALLY care about?

3. Tell a story

The subject does NOT matter. What matters is that you write about something you care about and worked on and learned something from

It can be in medicine, it can be art work. It should be a ‘Life-defining” event

25% of my book “Routine Miracles” could be thought of as an elaborate personal statement.

I once knew a guy, who put in his personal statement

  “To See a world,

In a Grain of Sand,

And Heaven in a wild Flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in one hour”

The student’s counselor said “Aren’t you weird ENOUGH? You need to take this OUT”

So, I kept it in.

The ONLY place that commented on my personal statement was the place I put number FOUR on my rank list.

I matched there.

One person’s “Weird” is another person’s “Interesting”


You will notice, that the main bulk of anxiety about a personal statement is based on trying to fake it, to tell them what you THINK they want to hear.

Intercourse ($(#@^) them!!!!

Just get the punctuation right!



9 Responses to “Personal Statement: Final point-How to make a good one”

  1. Amitoj Singh Says:

    Dear Sir,

    thanks for that intellectual inotrope to life…loved it….
    and those lines are always inspiring…

    I am a great admirer of ur teaaching and your work…
    Hope to interact with u more or the course of my life and yours…

    Take care…
    oh and i always wanted to tell u this

    another one of my fav’s was “have a lil gratitude inyour attitude”

    Please keep in touch

  2. Jas Garcio Says:

    One person’s “Weird” is another person’s “Interesting”!! It does sound interesting. But the issue is overall how many people find this “interesting”? Ten may find it weird & one may think that it is interesting!!!Many of the so called “life defining” events for one person may just be a “routine” thing for someone else…The main issue here is how to put it across in a special way….

  3. optimistic Says:

    Thank you, ur example is much appreciated 🙂

  4. arjune Says:

    how long is too long? some people say 1 page, 10 pt font, others say 1.5 pages…the hardest part of this for me is cutting it down…i’d like to write a couple pages but i don’t know how much they are willing to read…


    is there a customary length?

  5. Jesh Says:

    “Be true to what you care about”

    That’s all I needed to read, to get rid of my writers block.

    Thank you so much!

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