Diabetes Screening: Who gets it?


41yo M, comes for routine examination, no significant past medical history, but has strong family history of cancer and heart disease. father and brother had MI before 55 and sister, mother and aunt, breast cancer. Pct exercises regularly, eats well, smokes one pack/weekabout

Which is an age appropriate screening test in this pct? (the answer is pasting lipid profile, but in the explanation of the wrong answers it says “this pt’s diabetes screening with fasting blood glucose should be started at 45yrs” THANX 🙂


Lipid screening IS the answer. This starts at age 35 in men and 45 in women.

Screening for Diabetes is to be done in adults ONLY with those with hypertension defined as a blood pressure above 135/80. This is a STRANGE BP cutoff, but that is the way it is!




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3 Responses to “Diabetes Screening: Who gets it?”

  1. nani Says:

    so basically, we only screen for diabetes with fasting blood glucose in patients with BP >135/80 and/or are obese, once they turn 45?

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Yes!!! That is the recomendation. Screening for diabetes is NOT recomended UNLESS there is hypertension,

      BUT AGE is NOT the criteria. I said it was for those with HYPERTENSION to be screened. I never said AGE!

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