Oh No Mr President! “Naw you didn’t!!”

I hope to be proved wrong and to delete this entry some time soon. I hope that I am misreading the appearance that the White House and the president have already backed off of a public option.

The Veterans hospital system is the largest in the country.

 It runs well and is cost effective

Medicare is, by far, the EASIEST insurance to use, the least number of denials and is a ‘public option”

WHERE did we get the idea that  ONLY healthcare must show budget neutral? Not AIG or the car companies?

I am enormously let down that the white house has suddenly undergone an orchiectomy!!!  Please say it isn’t so! Maybe it is an undiagnosed genetic disorder that your testicles suddenly involute at age 46?
Please say that a couple of screaming idiots as town hall meetings did NOT just derail the helathcare of millions of uninsured?  That guy who screamed at Arlen Specter last week is now running the country?

The retards who said there would be ‘death panels’ are in charge? The dumbasses who say over and over “America has the BEST healthcare in the world!!!” while Japanese women outlive us by five years and our infant mortality is edged out by Slovenia? 

No, we have the MOST EXPENSIVE healthcare!

People are stupid! Why would Aetna insurance have supported a public option if ‘Private insurance will go away” as the retards say?

Mr President, you are a very intelligent man. I hope this is a ‘strategy” and you are not surrounded by weak knee’d jellyfish.

Stand firm.

Let’s stay on message.

1. We are NOT the best. We are the MOST EXPENSIVE
2. Public works well

3. We MUST cover everyone

4 Take 100billion from defense and you will  cover it all and leave the defense budget 600billion MORE than it was 8 years ago.



One Response to “Oh No Mr President! “Naw you didn’t!!””

  1. JohnL Says:

    Hey Dr. Fischer, I was in the July/August Pasadena Step 2 CK class. I really admire your optimism that this health care reform will actually happen. As much as I have been hoping & praying that something will finally being done with our health care system, I still have skepticism and I’m afraid that this is going to get shot down like Hilliary Clinton back in the 90’s. Before the election, I truly believed that the only way health care was going to get reformed is that Obama & the Dems would come in and just “gangsta” this reform in just how Bush did with the war in Iraq back during his reign. All these loud, shouting morons (Glen Beck, Cavuto, etc.) & all these town hall meetings are actually making the Dems & our president change stance. I really thought the Democrats have changed their known soft ways, especially since they have the power now in the senate & house. But it hasn’t, and they even have dissension in their own ranks. This reform is going to be a real uphill battle. We’re battling a “NIMBY” American culture (to quote the great George Carlin) where Americans will not agree on something for the common good if it’s going to affect them somehow financially or otherwise. Big Pharm, health insurance companies, and FoxNews know this and taking full advantage with these town hall meetings & loud ignorant cries. So, I hope like you, Dr Fischer, that this latest ploy by the president is just that, a political ploy. Because after hearing this, I’m losing hope of some kind of public option.

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