“How do I get a surgery residency?”

Hello Boys and Girls!

I will post certain questions sent to me. I will REMOVE identifying information

“i was in your live prep step 2 ck course in nyc in february…..first i wanted to thankyou for your help in the preparation of my test, i passed with a 251/99…. i am applying for general surgery in the 2010 match and was wondering if you could maybe give some advice towards where you think i would have a good chance of getting an interview.  i am originally from new york so i would like to stay in the tristate area…..
i am american and attend a 6 year program in budapest, hungary.
step 1 230/96
step 2 ck 251/99
step 2 cs should get my result in a couple of days

-thankyou for taking the time for reading my letter as i know your busy and probably get near 10000 letters just like this everyday.


With the exception of the big five med schools in NYC (NYU, Cornell, Columia, Sinai, Einstein), you have a shot at MOST of the programs in NYC.
If you want to know the easiest, then look for the places that went UNFILLED last year.

Your scores should definitely get  you interviews and the lack of a need for a visa will help a lot!
Just be willing to take a preliminary spot for  a year in order to get the categorical spot you want.

And remember, tell them on interview you will undergo sterilization before the residency, you have no family, you have known since birth you wanted to be a surgeon.

Good Luck!!

Warmly, Fischy



3 Responses to ““How do I get a surgery residency?””

  1. Rob J. Cole Says:

    I recently discovered this blog and as usual it is full of hilarious comments from Dr. Fischer. I just wanted to let you know that vasectomy although always an option before entering to surgery residency has the side effect of developing antibodies against your spermatozoa, so what I would suggest you is going straight to the root of the problem. Get an orchiectomy!!!

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      This is NOT correct!! Surgeons LIKE testicles!!! Actually, they cannot live without them! and they like to engraft them on the FEMALE residents as well.

      Almost a requirement

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