Healthcare Reform:We have a duty to take care of ALL sick people

Start backwards from the goal: The goal is to make sure EVERYONE has the care they need. Everyone must be protected.

If you start with how much it costs, or how it will be payed for, you will not get anywhere.

Write to your friends, congress, newspaper and make them keep their eye on the ball: The  goal is to make sure everyone will have the access to care they need. Period. 70% of those without insurance are working. They are NOT dead beats, they simply have a job that does not provide coverage.

How has their voice been drowned out?

Why are they afraid to speak?

Please remember you have a duty to stand up for those who cannot protect themselves.

People, sick people, are more important than ridiculous scary words like ‘government run’ or ‘socialized’. People who use those words just don’t care about people who are suffering.



One Response to “Healthcare Reform:We have a duty to take care of ALL sick people”

  1. pouria heydarpour Says:

    You might find this comment totally irrelevant but

    Here is a fan from Iran:
    The first sentences I have heard from you were to spread the power of healing to the world through tapes.

    Dear Conrad
    Do you know what it feels to study medicine in developing countries?
    We do not have any textbook of our own in any field of medicine and students who could not pass the residency exam and thought to revolutionize the medical education with their precipitated translations persuade us to read Harrison’s or Cecil’s essentials in your mother language.
    Our professors seek their private business and with Powerpoint presentations they do not even bother to be prepared for classes and read aloud the copied parts of your textbooks.
    Yet when it comes to exam their expectations are high and we ought to be the spokesman on behalf of Harrison.

    In brief I TRUSTED you and found your way of teaching internal medicine as a light to those who are lost in the world of textbooks like me.
    I was living my own life and was used to not even see the details in my books and never score more than 15 out of 20 on my exams. One day I found links of your 2001 classes for step 2 and a hope grew in my heart after hearing your class on arrhythmia.
    Now I am writing transcripts of your classes and I have found them more useful than my whole time passed in yawning classes.

    You should spread your healing power by educating students worldwide and not just preparations for USMLE we need you do not leave us alone.
    Easiest way is to produce educational Podcasts on whatever subject you prefer because Fisher’s methods will stick ,will make memory , will transfer knowledge from gyri through corpus cavernosum!
    If you do not have the time to help undergrads understand the pathophysiology of diseases through special podcasts just for the sake of patients throughout the world put a recorder on your desk while presenting your educational classes and put them on your blog.

    At last I am a 3rd year medical student and I have one of those above mentioned exams on endocrinology in 4 weeks .This time I want to augment my score with your method but I could not find any of your 2001 lectures on endocrinology what do you recommend me to do ?

    Looking forward to hear from you


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