What does a verse of scripture have to do with modern medicine?

First of all, let me say that I do NOT want to offend anyone of any particular religious tradition. My world is comprised of ALL religeons and I am ONLY interested in this time in what is in COMMON between them, and the inner truths and goodnesses that they share.

I made my communion in the Catholic Church the day after I graduated medical school, I am partly Jewish and I have been quite close to marrying a Hindu. Overall, the belief structure that most simulates my own is the Sufi’s and I have a book fully finished on islamic love poetry of the Sufi teacher Rumi that I wrote for Americans. I am looking for  a publisher for that now.

Forgive my need for this preface, but I am very very concerned about including everyone and offending no one. Rare for me, I know.

This verse from the Gospel According to Matthew represents my feelings on the point of medicine and my attitude to healthcare reform

As we go, our eye should be on taking care of EVERYONE.

We must NOT be focussing on making money and economic fear. Notice the phrase ‘Freely you have been given, freely give.”  This does NOT mean we personally will not be taken care of, we will be.

We have a duty to eradicate disease from this world.

That duty is FIRST. The duty to heal and help our fellows humans is ABOVE our need or fear of economic considerations. Period. Hence “Provide neither gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses”

The current debate on healthcare reform is VERY upsetting to me. A country with a one TRILLION dollar military says it cannot ‘afford’ the 50-100 billion needed for the care of the sick.

I bet if you asked those people saying this they would consider themselves very religeous and ‘good christians”. I have heard them.

This makes me want to barf! Vomit! Regurgitate!


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2 Responses to “What does a verse of scripture have to do with modern medicine?”

  1. sj Says:

    so true….medicine now a days is more business then healing but am happy because there are still people for whom medicine is true passion and much more then just prescribing drugs!!

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      There are MANY MANY people who are incredibly devoted to patients and the Art, we just have to do more

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