More on the Personal Statement

“I am anxious about my personal statement! I am afraid of being either too boring or too weird”

“I don’t want it to be held against me”

Daddy understands! I will do a few days on this topic because MANYpeople are writing theirs this week

Here is what to do

1.  Make list of your CORE VALUES: What do you care about? What is MOST important to you? What do you STAND for? What do you LOVE?

What do you “waste time” with? Is it anything good? THAT is what to write about.  It does NOT have to be ‘Let me tell you about the biggest nasal polyp I ever saw!”

2. Do you have a STORY about a patient? A family member? Tell STORIES about your OWN life!

I know you are anxious about this!!! I would be too.

Please put a link to this blog where you think other people would be sharing similar anxieties. Facebook and the student sites.

the point of my questions above is that TWO things will happen.

1. You will have a MUCH easier time of writing your personal statement

2. You might actually get a BETTER residency and actually help the program director know you.



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