Biblical/Religious Basis of “Routine Miracles”

A few years after I graduated medical school, I noticed that the specific ‘facts’ or ‘directives’  to the disciples had actually occured.

1 Cleanse Lepers: Done in most places. Medication cost  $1.59 in 2008 dollars

2. Raise the dead: Besides implantable defibrillators we can now ERADICATE ventricular arrhythmias. Take a look

3. Restore sight to the blind: Corneal transplant in 4 minutes, Descemet’s membrane transplant restores FULL vision in 2-3 weeks, not A YEAR! Cataracts replaced with BIFOCAL intraocular lenses.

4. Cast out demons: The population in psychiatric hospitals has dropped from 560,000 to 60,000 in the last thirty years!!

I will be discuss the calling of the physician and healer in direct religious terms ONLY in those places where I am specifically invited to do so. 

They say I have a lot of energy. I want you to know where a lot of my energy comes from. It comes from trying to heal the world and to take of  YOU who is the caregiver.

We must substitute EXCITEMENT at being in medicine at such a thrilling time for FEAR of the  future.

We must see ourselves as able to do things NOW in medicine that in the past would have required a biblical figure.

Should you wish to invite me to your church, temple, mosque or synagogue or Religious bookstore I would LOVE to come!  Please email me at

You can also contact people from publishing if I  make you nervous ( He arranges my appearances.

I would MOST love to teach on this subject in Seminary, particularly to those studying for pastoral care assignments in hospitals.

“Routine Miracles” as a book is based on the quotation from the gospel of Mathew.

I need your help in this area. Please do not let me down. Now is the time to extend these benefits to all our our people.




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