What Program Directors want: Part V MORE on the personal statement

“The personal statements all sound the same”

“They all use the same template out of the same book”

“They are boring”

“The statements are a waste of time, all they do is try to fake what they think a director wants to hear”

So… THESE are the statements that program directors make on the internet and at the program directors meetings. The personal statements do NOT seem to make much of a difference in the application, because they all say teh same thing.

Then… The solution is to have them sound different!!

Next post will be… “How to make your personal statement be PERSONAL!”



4 Responses to “What Program Directors want: Part V MORE on the personal statement”

  1. optimistic Says:

    thanks! can you include examples from some that stood out?

    • MG Says:

      @optimistic: I dig your name, but I don’t think using another applicant’s dare-to-be-different example as a template will lead you to submit your own unique creation. I want to see you produce something no one else could. Hell, I’d like to see myself do the same. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Will add new entry on this. Rare that anything stands out, Some do.

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