How to get a residency: Part 5: Personal Statement

There is no part of the application process so anxiety provoking as the personal statement. It is so….. personal!!!

Overall, the personal statement is one of the most USELESS parts of the application. This is becauase people do not take advantage of really writing something they care about. Instead, it is a one page torture exercise in trying to tell the Program Director what you THINK he wants to hear.

The personal statement can’t help that much when done that way. but it CAN hurt you if you do not have the English language done write. Many IMGs assume that US grads have an advantage in this area.


Some of the WORST personal statements have  been by US graduates who have not bothered to write it carefully. Some of the BEST have been IMGs with extensive efforts made on this.



2 Responses to “How to get a residency: Part 5: Personal Statement”

  1. jimmy gobreel Says:

    sometimes i fear that being different and unique can be held against you as common mistakes are considered better than the uncommon truth.. so being truthful can be plus or minus while fake statement will not add to you but also will not take so i guess most people would like to play it safe.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Hi Jimmy, being unique WILL be held against you. by some.
      The ones you are meant to be with, will hold it valuable!

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