HealthCare Reform: Plain UNtruths!

I have spent a week listening to the most outrageous untruths, lies and fear mongering

1. A public option will eliminate private insurance: totally untrue. Just because you have medicare, does not eliminate your choice or ability to have private insurance.

2. There will be rationing: Totally false. This is the MAIN phoney argument used to try to obstruct the process. Right now, the MAIN form of rationing is that uninsured and UNDERinsured people have no real access at all

3. Elderly people will be cut off from care. Older people with cancer will be set up for euthanasia or physician assisted suicide. This is THE most disgusting way to scare people. The expansion of coverage will allow ill people who have less than what they need to get the care they need. Right now your PRIVATE insurance is outrageously expensive because you must cover the cost of the uninsured person whogoes to the Emergency Department now. This is NOT fair.
4. there will not be enough doctors: the US student classes were expanded starting three years ago. There will be an enormous increase in the output of US schools starting next year (2011)

Now is the time for EVERYONE to descend in person and on the internet in fighting to cover people who will become sick and who are currently ill without the access they need. Don’t be scared off by the fear mongering outrageousness of these people in town hall meetings.

Do you EVER hear them talk about a person whose cancer was missed because they were not insured to cover mammography or colonoscopy?

How horrible to turn a person out of a private office because their insurance was inadequate.

5. Physician income will go DOWN with Healthcare reform: quite the opposite!! The plan calls for INCREASESD funding of primary care. Millions of NEW patients with insurance will now come in with EXPANDED coverage whereas these people had to be turned away before.

My friends, please write in to every comment site you can find and please be the conscience of the society. We are in the age of ‘Routine Miracles”, but apparently, only for those with the right cash flow.

Stand up for the weak. They are counting on you.


3 Responses to “HealthCare Reform: Plain UNtruths!”

  1. Gwen S Says:

    Thank you, Dr. for this rebuttal. As a Canadian, I am completely perplexed by the debate we’re watching in the U.S.
    Those fueling the current medicare hysteria don’t address the fact that MOST Western countries have medicare, that this isn’t some scary brand of socialism, but just an intelligent way to get health-care for all – and promote health prevention policies. It’s the civilized thing to do.
    A few years ago, I lived in Florida and worked with a colleague who was also Canadian. Her Amer. husband developed an unusual and aggressive form of cancer (liver or intestinal?). He could get in to see an expert surgeon in NY, but it would cost $200K. The big problem? He’d been laid off from his job and was “Cobra-ed”; there was a question of whether the remaining health insurance would cover such an expensive operation – or whether the couple would have to sell their house to try to keep him alive.
    Husband answered the phone one day and my friend thought he was having a heart attack – no, it was just an involuntary outburst of relief with the insurance co. on the phone confirming he would be covered. Happy day, but my friend was still disgusted. In the Canuck system, NO ONE would have to face losing their house for a life and death operation.
    Americans should be careful that they don’t turn down the best offer they may ever get on health coverage.

  2. nani Says:

    dr, what do you think about this? it’s going around on fb…

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      I encourage everyone to take a look at what has been submitted here. THe approach outlined-complete deregulation is perhaps the most dangerous and unintelligent approach I have seen advanced. Without CLEAR standards, a pure profit motive would result in horrible quality and unlimited abuse.

      Removing accreditation requirements from schools is a dangerous suggestion. Saying I could manufacture a pill with unknown content and no requirement for testing is foolish.\

      I would, automatically, by looking at the ideas outlined at that website understand how dangerous and crazy some people can be.

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