First video clip from ‘Routine Miracles”

OH MY GAWD!!!!!!
IT REALLY WORKED!!!!  Hey YOU!!!  Take a look at the first clip from ‘Routine Miracles’.

The guy in the video DIED 13 times !! and got CURED, ablated, eradicated Ventricular Tachycardia.


Take and look, then get your friends over to and get this book on the move!!!! I would like it sent to ALL the members of the US Senate and House of Representatives health committees, your friends, faculty and family. But NOT my ex-wife.




8 Responses to “First video clip from ‘Routine Miracles””

  1. arjune Says:

    i liked the clip…but i must say i’m missing the vulgar fisch we know from class! but i guess its not the time or place when talking about someone dying and coming back to life 13x…anyways, excited to read the book.

  2. Dave Campbell Says:

    Great videos – Cardiology, HIV & Rheumatology – even with the vulgarities edited out.

    Was in San Francisco last week shooting a symposium on Non Small Cell Lung Cancer at the Int’l Assoc. for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC) conference. The symposium was very interesting, highlighting some truly ground-breaking stuff. ‘Routine Miracles’ again.

    The initial rough cut is uploading as I write. Still needs audio and video level passes and the PPT slides. It should be finished in about 3-4 hours (by 8/9pm, 8/12/09). If you have some time to review I think you’ll get alot out of it. If you can provide some feedback, that’d be great. Please bear in mind that it IS a rough cut.

    User: 3Rings
    Pass: lifeisbeautiful


  3. Dave Campbell Says:

    AND… Congratulations on the release of the new book!

  4. MG Says:

    I think even your ex-wife deserves to read this book! 🙂

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