Interlude: Dinner at the United Nations last night. Healthcare Reform

I had dinner at a friends house last night, at one of the missions to the United Nations. Turns out the whole Heme/Onc fellowship and more were there from a hospital in NYC. I do not want to tell you the country, so my story does not seem about a particular group.

I ask “What do you think of what is going on in healthcare reform?”

“Those people do not work, why should they get insurance?”

“They are bums!!!  I do not want my tax dollars supporting them”

“Socialized medicine is bad!! It is a failure in every country it is used”

“Why should we help them? Let them get a job and make money and pay for it themselves”

Most of these people are doctors. they are all immigrants. My tax dollars pay for their fellowships.

I am extremely angry upset and angry. I expect better.  Here are people who will all be very comfortable.  The decision for healthcare reform will take NOTHING from them, but they have bought a line of crap from some third party.

All objective measures show BETTER medicine in the countries that guarantee insurance in Europe .
Again, the basic issue: Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

Last night’s event was VERY useful for me. It convinced me that some people, even the ones you expect to care about sick people: the doctors, only care about any possible RISK to their own paycheck.
It is not even a fact, it is just a ‘fear” and yet it brought out the very worst in human beings.

I was embarrassed that half of them were former students.



4 Responses to “Interlude: Dinner at the United Nations last night. Healthcare Reform”

  1. arjune Says:

    saying that people do not deserve health care is like saying people deserve to be sick. nobody deserves to be sick the same way no one deserves to be robbed or have their house burn down…and yet no one has to pay ‘police insurance’ or ‘fire insurance’.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      thanks for your comment, now I will feel less like committing suicide!

      • nani Says:

        Do not despair Dr! you are not alone!!

        “Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always. ” Mohandas Gandhi (one of my personal heroes hehe)

      • Conrad Fischer Says:

        Thank you for your comment. Knowing the mind of the opposition is very useful. to examine the narrow minded selfishness of short-sighted people is useful, although it hurts me. The time has arrived for us to descend in both person and on the internet in search of protecting those not in a position to help themselves

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