Part 3: The Transcript

The transcript is VERY difficult to interpret between schools.

The scoring systems are highly variable. Even between the 128 US schools, you cannot tell who has a difficult scoring system and who has an easy one.

Also, it is better if you have a school where only a few people get honors that the transcript SAY “5% get honors” .

If you have a school where the clinical grades are automatically upgraded, you won’t want people knowing 90% get an A or B in clinicals.

Also, if your school requires an exam to get honors, that is a BETTER school and you should make sure people know.

In international schools, transcripts are virtually unreadable. I have seen people come in and say “I am an excellent student!! My average grade was 678!!!”

This is like a person from another galaxy saying “I will give you 3 ounces of Strontium as payment!!! ”

I can’t relate. The transcript are like the Period Table of Elements. For those who understand, it is REALLY valuable. For everyone else, it is a letter or number.

If your are special on your transcript you have to do something to make it clear.

If your grades are terrible on your transcipt……. That’s why we have USMLE!!! so you can make it up!!

Happy hunting.

write to me.

The Fisch



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