Getting a residency: Part 1: Your School continued

You must put yourself in the mind of the program director. Again, if you do not know a person, how do you assess quality?

It is best perhaps for people to be honest. Do you REALLY think there is a need for FIFTY FOUR caribean schools? Many have no real quality control. A few are super-excellent.

Again, these posts are to be an HONEST assessment of what is going on.

How are the schools in BURMA (Myanmar)? How would you know?

There are >600 schools in India. Which is numer 89? and which is number 589?

for US grads how would you assess the difference between SUNY Downstate, Buffalo, Syracuse or Stonybrook?

But…. you have heard of Cornell University, yes?

It is the same with the program directors.

Also, when IMGs come to interview the FIRST thing people say is “That must be a GREAT place!!! I was the ONLY IMG interviewing there today. Everyone else was a US graduate.”

You see, it is the FIRST thing everyone sees.

Also, I have heard this a million time!! “That place can’t be too good.” says the IMG. “Why?”I ask.  

“Nothing but IMG’s there”

Sorry, it is not a value judgement. It is just how people think. I am am to educate you not pass judgement

Post your comments and questions.

The Fisch



3 Responses to “Getting a residency: Part 1: Your School continued”

  1. optimistic Says:

    You’re right, and it’s something that most students know & supress, fact remains, this is where we graduated from and we do want a residency, so based on this info it comes down to some defining aspect about that applicant that makes them stand out from the other 100’s that are from the same school, with similar grades, and the same US experience/research.
    Is that the personal statement? the letters of rec? timing? to grant them the interview and not the rest?

  2. Julius James Says:

    Hi Fisch,

    As someone who has seen medical students from every US and Caribbean school, I trust your opinion. I’d like to know what schools in the Caribbean you consider to be “super-excellent.”

    You can e-mail me privately if you like. This would help a lot.

    Thank you

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      The most respected of the Carribean schools are:
      St George’s
      American University of the Carribean
      This is not a personal opinion. These schools have the most organized programs and have VERY legitimate leadership

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