Internship is SUPPOSED to be hard!!

I am walking in my gym and a recently graduated, extremely intelligent 4th year student runs up to share her experience of Internship. “It is REALLY hard!!!” She says, with the look of burden and an unpaid blood donation.  “I am so slow and inefficient.  ”

It is the end of July and she has just become a doctor about 20 minutes ago

“It is SUPPOSED to be hard. That’s why it is an internship. You are experiencing pain because you expect to have your usual life. Your usual endeavors.

Just forget having a life for a few months and you will feel better. Once you completely give up the idea that you are to have any form of personal life, any amusements or social life, then you will feel better. It is only because you are trying to have outside interests that you are uncomfortable. ”

I did not think of this for a long time until she said it. How can anyone expect to have an outside life during internship? That is not how it works.

The Internship is one of the purest, cleanest, truest endeavors in the sphere of human existence because it is a time of 100% immersion in your art. At the end, if you want, your regular life will return back to you. But at least you will know what you are capable of. ON the plane when they say “Is there a doctor on the plane?” you will be able to raise your hand.

You will look back on this time as one of the most pristineand sacred time of your life. It does NOT last forever. Surrender to your training.

Internship is a process of beautification. Is not a cooked eggplant more useful than an raw one? Is not a statue more beautiful than a rock?

Internship is the person being made into a lovely sculpture. Light will shine off you and relieve pain in others.

Knowledge transforms from information, into action.

Internship. Expect to disappear. See your friends in six months. Dissolve

And you will be happy. And pure.



3 Responses to “Internship is SUPPOSED to be hard!!”

  1. cadina Says:


  2. Mauricio Soto Says:

    Yeah, it’s supposed to be hard. Life as a physician is hard, at times, and internship is about preparing yourself to the worst possible situations. After that, they can enjoy their merry lifes.

    Or became an IM resident XD

  3. nani Says:

    I beg to differ abc… when you make a decision, that means you automatically renounce to something. When you decide to go into medicine, you should be aware and willing to sacrifice the first years of your life for your vocation. Once you’re done with your preparation, you can get everything you had and ever wanted, and more. If you don’t like it, study something else. It is all about commitment

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