Why did we do this in the first place?

The raging debate of the day is ‘Healthcare reform’. Let’s take a minute to remember why we went into this in the first place.

I believe that most everyone who went into medicine was at the beginning, driven by a sincere desire to make life better for others. Let’s cleave to that.

We know, for sure, that those without coverage will suffer, and die this year.

We know that nearly a third of bankruptcies have a medical cost link.

Let us invoke our higher order thinking, and with the confidence of the power of our calling, insist that the benefits of our art be extended to all Americans.

Will our concern for the suffering be beaten by loud negative voices of fear?


One Response to “Why did we do this in the first place?”

  1. Doug Rosbury Says:

    Should doctors be considered to be servants of the common good and paid
    a salary consistent with common sense? As it is, they are in a category
    consistent with their life style demands and as such, ostensibly superior to
    their patients. This situation makes of them a privileged class and certainly not servants of the common good. Because good health is a common right
    This causes a conflict in the system of health care provision. How can the common good be served when the rights of the common person are seemingly inferior to those of the doctors due to the emphasis on life style as a primary expectation by those entering the field of medicine? This gives rise to a sense that doctors due to their social position impose a certain arrogance upon their duties as healers. Is this situation conducive to true healig which is a consideration not only for
    the health of the body but really in a primary sense, of the psyche or
    the true soul of a person.—Doug Rosbury

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