Healthcare is NOT going to be ‘Rationed”

In the last few days, a lot of people have been addressing the subject of ‘healthcare’ rationing”  in terms of what may come. I assure you this is a fear-based reaction and simply the unreasonable nervous jitters of those afraid of what may come.  On the one hand, it is natural, on the other hand do NOT believe it.

There is NO WAY an American society will tolerate a government run rationing.


Just don’t let people like that make you nervous



2 Responses to “Healthcare is NOT going to be ‘Rationed””

  1. dr X Says:

    I think the idea of having a mother theresa is vulgar;
    santa clause is just for those who have the horn-ies.

  2. dr X Says:

    mother theresa should be replaced by politics, that’s what I ment;
    stop showing us teethless shipwrecks;

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