“Fischer is like a Vulgar Mother Theresa”

How do the students in class see me?  What am I a symbol of? For many, many years I have thought of myself as a person who slipped into the Awards Show or the Ball by accident, or unlawfully through the backdoor or the servants entrance. 

I have seen myself as Cinderella

At  the ball through magic, enchantment, luck or blessing.

The photographer is on her way. Time to get a new action shot of me in the class for the brochures for my textbooks.  I ask the class for help. “I need you to help me sculpt my image into what is most useful for the people who read these books. I need a task force of people in these rooms to help me represent myself as what is needed in the mind of the student. Hence, how I see  myself is not as important as how YOU all need to see me. How can I represent myself in this picture that will help you?”

Seeing myself as Cinderella, perhaps, does not help anyone. 

Representing myself as a many in class, up at 7am on another Sunday Morning to reach and teach people   who are anxious about their future is what is needed.

Another day to polish my art. My 18th year in classes for board review and I feel like I am just getting started. The book tour coming up for ‘Routine Miracles” makes me feel like everything has been preparation.

I feel more passionate to get at the meaning of things now, than I did before. Before, I needed to look good. To not look stupid in class.

Now I need to get at the meaning of things. to see the connections more deeply. Like I am an inch away from a sip of an answer. Almost can wet my lips on THE TRuth.

Deeper, so that when the 50 people in the room leave, a few will think about the fact that maybe I am right.
Maybe they ARE better than Doctors in the past

Maybe they CAN be the one to find the cure, the breakthrough, the ability to eradicate the disease. Maybe we really are incredibly fortunate to  have this chance.

Nearly there. A passionate energy illuminates my soul today. Teaching in a class that does not look different from the tens of thousands of students I have been with before.

There is something about asking for help on the presentation of “Routine Miracles”  that has really helped me see myself more objectively, how the students see me and that there just isn’t anyone to talk about these issues.

About their excellent and noble qualities and about the responsibility they have to care for a a suffering humanity.

And the students, interestingly, have told me exactly the same thing.

Like today  “You are like a Vulgar Mother Theresa”


7 Responses to ““Fischer is like a Vulgar Mother Theresa””

  1. Fischer is... Says:

    yearning to be a symbol.

    Like a prism, catching a ray and scattering colors in all directions.

    How would you like to be seen?

  2. Conrad Fischer Says:

    I appreciate all your attention. Your devotion is encouraging

  3. Conrad Fischer Says:

    My friend, how would you suggest I get my message out if no one reads the book? I have about 90 days between release and oblivion. These types of books are not like textbooks, they don’t just stay around.

    If the ideas I am trying to get across seem important, then please help me disseminate it to as many people as possible now.

  4. optimistic Says:

    Dr Fischer, i have not read it, but believe in your message, Im not trying to stroke your ego, trust me, but if anyone can do it, it’s Dr Fischer. It troubles me that many have been criticizing you on this very point, the reason I bring it up, and I don’t know you personally, that s why it’s difficult to assess.
    That said, regardless of your intention, I have been putting the word out because I do believe God placed this duty on us all and we will have to answer for our actions, there are some who He has given the strength to make change, and then there are some who can help encourage that change.

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Hey There,
      Thanks very much. Now is the time to re-commit to the goal of why we started in medicine. I believe this is THE precise opportunity to have all our students re-evaluate whether this was an elaborate job training program or their opportunity to seek a cure, investigate the next step.
      A demoralized student body in the world that only thinks its best days are behind them will not do that. That is why I need more help.

  5. Susa Popeludo Says:

    I support your ideas Dr. Fischer, what you are saying is a fact. I met an old doctor, who seems has lost the sense of why he chose this path. When you think he should feel blessed with the life he has received from this career and it should be more than enough, he started to complain about today’s political escenario and hoping that in a near future still has the opportunity to make some money, I heard this more than 2 months ago and I am still shocked. That came from someone that makes 1 million dollars per year.

    I hope you have luck with “Routine Miracles”, because your message needs to be delivered and spread through the world. And not just in medicine, but in every field of the human activity. We cannot be making so much progress in every field, while being worse than the previous generation. Something must be wrong. (And don’t you worry, mine are not just words, I’m doing my part; I firmly believe the world would be a better place if everyone does his/her part.)

    • Conrad Fischer Says:

      Your message about a physician making over a million a year but still experiencing fear, is exactly what this book is about. Gratititude for the opportunity to be in medicine will solve a lot of these things

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