Where to start the repair?

       What do you think?

1. Does it matter HOW the students got jaded/greedy and fearful about money like this?

2. Is it from ‘Bad protoplasm’ , ie those who came into medical school from the beginning seeking personal financial dynasty or did they become poisoned later?

A person commented that I ‘Must have felt like that when I was at their level’ and that is, interestingly, 100% completely untrue and completely the opposite of what I felt.  When I was a student, I did not even know the difference between specialties. I thought a ‘radiologist’ administered radiation therapy for cancer. My thought, at the time, was that I had no idea about the difference in incomes.

So, the students expressing this bilge-like attitude of Money grubbing fear….. Did they START like that? Or were they MADE that way by negative exposure to burnt out faculty?

Overall, I will tell you that the efffect of the event was to TOTALLY re-enforce for me the reason I wrote ‘Routine Miracles’ .  Whatever the etiology of the problem, the task is clear. As long as personal income in their highest aspiration, the  art of medicine suffers.

As long as the mind of the student is warped by “I am UNSAFE, I must HIDE in a safe corner’ then the art is harmed.

The goal is to have them work on ‘How do I solve this medical problem, this riddle, cure this disease”

the Fisch


3 Responses to “Where to start the repair?”

  1. optimistic Says:

    The status of “Doctor” is one that has been established for centuries, many people want that position for the respect and money that accompany it (along with the other self gratifying elements), and this is true of countries all over the world; to change that reputation in my opinion is almost impossible, so to answer your #1 point, No it doesn’t matter. but I hope that you and educators like you have the positive impact you speak of (even if it sounds too good to be true).

  2. nani Says:

    Dr Fischer,

    In prehistorical times the same person who was responsible for physical health was also responsible for spiritual counseling and healing. I honestly wonder when and why it changed. Why we lost that selfless surrendering of our lives and hearts in exchange for monetary compensation and every day commodities. When was true vocation replaced by a concern about how much money we will make. We all want to live comfortably, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it is only natural, but that shouldn’t be our sole drive. We should always keep in mind that having the ability and the knowledge needed to heal and comfort is not only a responsability but a true privilege that only a few are allowed to know.

    I sincerely hope your project and ideas are heard, and that you are able to start the change so many need so much. I am a true believer that in the end, only one person is all that is needed to change the world.

    My best regards and wishes

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