Redemption VS Acceptence

I make enormous numbers of hospital presetnations each year. I am practicing my art.  Almost all of them are for free. to reach people.

At a hospital yesterday, I have been many times before. The crowd is dead.  New 3rd and 4th year students on their first month in the hospital for some of them. For others,  the first taste of a little competence.

Dead Group.

I have a miniatrure existential crisis. “HEY!!!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!.”

“Alright group, forget the boards!! Don’t read any books!! don’t sign uip for classes!!!  None of you are going to leave this room until I feel satisfied”  I start to make sure  they know how to handle the management of an acute myocardial infarction and a pulmonary embolus. We go through the details. It is not that they are more wrong than other groups.  Wrong answers are universal. I use to say that the only thing that was different between groups was the amount of the sense of humor. Now I will add something.

The difference in in how much they care. I was VERY angry and upset. I called my scheduler. I was scheduled to go the the Med school in the Carribean where half the group was from. I Shout into the phone “I will call you back in 45 minutes. I will see whether I feel that I should go.{”

I tell the group

“I am here to engage with students and residents who want to try to know everything and to BECOME something. I am not here to help you ‘Phoney it up’ to delude some poor program director into thinking he has somebody better than he has. If you want to travel with me, you better be ready to start moving your ass now.”

I have an existential crisi. ‘What  am I contributing to around here?”

Then… it FINALLY seems to be going well. I say “Be enthusiastic!!! This is the BEST time ever to be in medicine, there is finally going to be universal coverages and the research budget is at an all time high. Get Happy!”

And a student says…”Don’t you think universal coverage will lower our incomes?”

Next one”Don’t football players make more than us?”

Next one “Can you get me into an orthopedic residency? I hear it isn’t what you know, it’s WHO you know.”

Not ONE student, not ONE said anything about the fantastic concept we may be a hair’s breadth from more universal coverage, or that the research budget was TEN billion dollars higher than it was.


I leave decimated


6 Responses to “Redemption VS Acceptence”

  1. optimistic Says:

    It’s understandable, and Im sure when you were in their shoes you had similir concerns, now that you are established you have found the time and need for more out of life, and it’s a good thing, but don’t be “decimated” when fresh students don’t feel the same.
    I would add that there are many residents and doctors who became doctors to help people, and not for the status or the money and are thrilled by president Obama’s reform. It’s not all bad Dr Fischer.

    • nani Says:

      I agree with you, optimistic! there are many of us who are here not because of how many millions we can make in X number of years.
      Some, I dare even say lots of us actually want to make a difference. Lots of us believe that healthcare should be universal, that no one should have to suffer more than it is needed, nor should they be left unattended under any circumstance.
      Unfortunately it is also true that some of us have silenced the inner voice of their true vocation with the sometimes unbearable noise of the material world that surrounds us. Some of us never had it in them.
      People have lost the understanding of how sacred this calling is, what a beautiful privilege it is to heal; and those people should be remembered what this is all really about. And that is an obligation that falls on you and me, and all of us who do remember.

  2. optimistic Says:

    i agree, beautifully said. I think that even those who enter the work field with this positive attitude get jaded by the environment and system that has been corrupt & milked by doctors working it to their advantage and not the pt’s, it’s sad how many unnecessary tests & procedures pt’s think they need because the doctor, labs, hospitals, all make more money in the process. I pray this does not happen to me..

    • nani Says:

      I am sure, optimistic, that if you find a single reason strong and beautiful enough to keep you going, and a true purpose in everything you do, you will not get lost! there are many who get jaded, but there are also lots of us who feel the same way, we just have to stand together and speak up! we have to stop people from forgetting, and remind those who has forgotten.

      Don’t lose faith, don’t stray from your path. There a greater Purpose and Plan for you if you just remember to always listen with you heart first! I leave you with one of my favorite quotes and hope you enjoy it too. It is by George Bernard Shaw, the Irish play writer, nobel prize and oscar winner…

      “This is the true joy in life – being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap; being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy” ~George Bernard Shaw

      my best regards, always!
      Daniela D.

  3. Jas garcio Says:

    Dear Dr,

    Hear that your book is getting released soon. Congratulations!!

    “What exactly do you feel when it is almost released?” Is it the same excitement & enthusiasm as your other books (“a routine thing”) or something more?

    Routine miracles seem to be a little autobiographical in many ways. Does that affect the level of enthusiasm?

    How & what do you expect from the release of this book at a time when health care reform is all we hear about every where?

    There are a lot of doctors who still believe that miracles need to be just routine.Do you think the release of this book spreading the idea of right amounts empathy & concern is going to change that attitude?

    Many times due to the sheer volume of studies & work we do we tend to lose that excitement of curing a disease everyday. What can we do to fix this problem? Reduce the work load? Encourage our students to appreciate & experience what they see? Or something else?


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