What do I see when in class?

WHen in class the teacher has to see the future. To feel the future. THe future has to call to the teacher. The effect of what is taught must be felt as if it were the present. Not theoreticlly, but in actuality. Time itself must be conquered THe future must be felt as if it were the present fact. The need of the future, the good of the effect of the information must be felt in the present. The future must call backwards to you who teach. The greatest need must be perceived. It must be as if the future was screaming at you. THen you have the energy you need to make aliveness flow through the material you are presenting.

Facts, data and information, no matter how seemingly powerful and important is not enough. THere isn’t enough energy in a ‘fact’ to make it, by itself, important. Even in the apparent importance of medicine, facts do not have enough power. data is not powerful. The good of the data, the pain relieved, the goodness achieved, the purity of clear translucent knowledge must flow through the teacher into the present.

THe mind of humans is very vast. More than all the computers in New York City, the mind can contain it all. IF what you are teaching does not feel powerful enough to want to shout, to scream, to pour every neurotransmitter, every emotion into your teaching then you are in the wrong job.

Repetion is powerful. Constant study and a passionate desire to purify the message even though filled with the raunchiest metaphors, similes and analogies is necessary. It will deepen. As surely as a pianist plays with passion. deeper and more beautiful.


One Response to “What do I see when in class?”

  1. HereAndNow Says:

    I was humbled when I learned about the abundance and energy that repetition can hold. I have also learned it the hard way. It is amidst all the perceived failure that I discovered resilience-a very important realization I have sat with these days while I study medicine once again.In spite of all the challenges I had within during medical schooling, there seemed to be an unrelenting wind inside which I am thankful for every day. Had I not faced failure and had I not learned that it is only so if I fail to see myself in medicine beyond grades, I would have graduated an empty one. Challenges in the path to becoming a physician brought me back to my own simple curiosity about the human functions and the human experience in the process of applying medicine. Once more, I am being brought to that place and it is providing me with the courage, the energy, and the joy (though many times painful and lonely) to learn yet in another phase and arena of medicine for myself. I have finished and became board licensed in my home country. I moved here not too long after that-once again a student of medicine and a biology professor at the same time. It is a most interesting path to be in. Interesting but not easy. The details are mine to go through but the smiles is something I would like to share with you and your readers. As one day in the future, I can rest when I look back at this notable but most lonely and arduous time, that I celebrate having lived and learned. Cheers, Dr. Fischer!

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